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Ask Dr. Benzi, an Introduction

If you are reading this, you are most likely a human being –the proud (or not-so-proud) owner of a body and a brain. You probably also know other human beings with bodies and brains whom you care greatly about. This means that the quality and length of your life, and the lives of those you love, depends on your physical and mental health. Healthcare, by which I broadly mean all activities meant to maintain or improve your health, is thus really, really, really important.

Humans have made great strides in healthcare and we have never had a greater ability to treat or cure many of humanity’s most feared illnesses. We’ve never had more information at our disposal regarding health and illness. We’ve also never had more people claiming to be able to solve our health problems. And we’ve definitely never had more access to misinformation. In fact, information and misinformation are so available that we may feel like we’re drowning in it. While the world of healthcare can be literally lifesaving, it can also be really confusing and frustrating.

If you are a doctor, healthcare provider, or researcher, you may have some vital tricks and insights for various healthcare situations: how to find the information you need, how to advocate for yourself and your loved ones, and how to make good medical decisions. If you are not a medical professional, not related to a medical professional, or not close friends with a medical professional, you may feel stuck. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a good doctor, there are likely things that you do not feel comfortable talking about with them or that they don’t want to (or have time to) talk about with you.

This is where Ask Dr. Benzi comes in.

Perhaps your Facebook friend has sent you a link to a miracle cure, but it seems too good to be true. Perhaps you feel like you’re on too many medications and none of your doctors are listening to you. Perhaps your mom is about to start chemotherapy for advanced cancer but you are not sure it is the right thing for her.

Whatever your healthcare dilemma is, send it my way. I promise I will NOT tell you what to do. I don’t believe that is what most people need. Rather, I will help talk you through finding the information you need (knowledge), working with the healthcare system to make things happen (skills), and advocating for yourself or your loved ones with a clear and confident voice (attitude). I also hope to learn a lot from you, the true expert of your own health.

To ask me a question, simply fill out the form below. Thanks for sharing your healthcare journey with me.


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