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The Cure for Bullshit: A New Podcast to Give You the Inside Scoop on Medicine, Health, Research

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

As part of the research involved in writing a book on Medical BS I am interviewing healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and others who are willing to share with me their knowledge, viewpoints and experiences. I’m excited by the opportunity to learn from others, to find new ways to explain core ideas, and ultimately arrive at new understandings through dialogue that I can share in this blog, future books, patient care and teaching medical trainees.

These interviews also seemed like an ideal opportunity to get this information out in another format, namely as a podcast. Through my friend Rebekah Henderson (aka the Tan Tigress, Director of Running with My Girls featured in the Denver Film Festival, and host of Off Color, named one of Colorado’s top 5 podcasts), I got connected with her podcast producer Janece Matsko who is now also my producer and co-host. After a few false starts, we have a Podcast that I’m proud to see in the world.

Imagine if you had a class in high school that was like home economics but for your health. Instead of teaching you to balance a checkbook or follow a cookie recipe, it went into depth about how your body works, how to talk to doctors, and how to tell if the latest dietary recommendations are worth following or simply another fad. The Cure for Bullshit is that class. In the Cure for Bullshit podcast, me and Janece interview patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics about their practical advice for navigating the healthcare system and avoiding medical scams. Expect real conversations from real people who care about caring and hate to see medical BS harm people with serious illness.

I hope you enjoy the show. And as with all of my work, please feel free to send suggestions on topics to cover, people to talk to, or ways to improve the message.


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